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Aluminium Tilt Turn Windows

Aluminium tilt turn windows are a great alternative to the traditional UK casement window – as the opening sashes can be made much larger. This maximises the glass area and makes the most of the view outside!

Even large panes of glass can be tilted in to the room to give generous amounts of ventilation. The same pane can then be hinged on the side to open fully to 90 degrees, enabling easy cleaning of the window from the inside, or even the means for fire escape.


• Outer frame depth 51mm
• Maximum sash width 1700mm
• Maximum sash height 2400mm
• Maximum sash weight 130kg
Performance level according to STS 52.0:
• Air transmission: PA3
• Mechanical resistance to wind: PV2
• Watertightness: PEE 1000 Pa 

Performance level according to UEATC:
• Air transmission: A3
• Mechanical resistance to wind: V2
• Watertightness: E4